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Next-Generation Virtual Recording Studio.

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Communicate Remotely, Record Interviews, Podcasts and Meetings in High Quality.

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HQ Video/Audio Recording
Separate Tracks For Each Guest

Capture any online communications in supreme quality. Get video files in up to 4K resolution with clean uncompressed audio right after the session.

Safe Recording
In Any Circumstances

An unstable Internet connection won’t affect video meetings. With local recording and storage, you get digital audio and video files of each participant in perfect quality.

Group Meetings
Connect in One Click

Quickly gather multiple participants by sharing your invitation link. Communicate with many people from around the world right in your recording room.

Exceptional Quality

Crystal clear video and audio recording, even with a slow Internet connection. Check out the quality comparison.

Cloud Recording

Made with a cloud-based video conferencing app.

Local Recording

Made with Waveroom.

Perfect for Personal and Business Communications.

Podcast Recording

Create studio-quality podcasts from the comfort of your home. Invite guest speakers from all over the globe. Collaborate across locations.

Remote Teaching

Make learning more flexible and accessible to your students. Share lectures and lessons. Craft educational videos in real-time.

Testimonials & Support

Record customer reviews for your marketing purposes. Resolve issues faster, create instant video tutorials instead of typing.

Corporate Communications

Stay on the same page with all teams, even when you’re working remotely. Exchange new ideas and feedback, speed up work communication.

Upcoming Features.

Simplified Editing

Use our built-in tools for quick and efficient editing of your recordings. Save time and effort on tedious work in advanced editing programs.

Noise & Gap Removal

Eliminate silence, pauses, gaps, and cancel out noise automatically. Improve the sound of your recordings without lifting a single finger.

Mobile Support

Invite guests and hold video meetings right from your phone. Save recordings on mobile in the same top-notch quality as on desktop.

Try for Free. Upgrade for More.

Start recording right now completely free of charge. Upgrade to get premium features.

StarterFree Trial


host + 2 guest


total recording time

48 kHz

uncompressed audio, WAV format


maximum resolution, MP4 format

Premium – $10 Pay as You Go


host + 4 guests


total recording time

48 kHz

uncompressed audio, WAV format


maximum resolution, MP4 format



When Does the Free Trial Expire?

The free trial doesn't have a limit on how many days it can be used. Instead, it ends as soon as you've used the 120 free minutes it comes with.

Is Premium a Monthly Subscription?

No, it's a one-time purchase. With Premium, you can record sessions for a total of 120 minutes and enjoy other premium features such as higher video quality, expanded participant capacity, and extended file retention.

Once you've reached your total recording time limit, premium features are no longer available. To use them and record more, you need to purchase Premium again.

How Is the Time of Recordings Counted?

The recording begins when you open a room and click the Record button, and ends when you click Stop. The time spent recording is deducted from your minute limit. Any users have a total limit of 120 minutes.

You can use up all of your available minutes in one long recording session, or you can spend your minutes gradually by recording several shorter sessions at different times.

Can I Remove the Session Duration Limit Completely?

No, but you can purchase Premium for your account several times in a row. This way you can record for longer periods of time (over 120 minutes) uninterrupted by the need to repurchase.

How Long Will My Recordings Be Stored?

If you are a free user, your recorded video and audio will be stored on our servers for 7 days.

If you are a premium user, your recordings will be stored for 1 year.

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Get locally recorded tracks of each guest.

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