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Is Waveroom Free?

Yes, Waveroom offers high-quality remote recording services completely for free. As a free user, you can also record with up to 5 participants (1 host and 4 guests). If you want to expand the participant capacity, please about our paid Enterprise plans.

How Many People Can Record Together in a Session?

You can record with up to 5 participants – one host and four guests.

What Is the Maximum Recording Session Duration?

There is a technical session limit of 120 minutes. However, once you reach this limit, you can extend the session for another 120 minutes without interrupting the recording.

What Does “Local Recording” Mean?

It means that the session recording takes place on your computer instead of over the Internet. So, even if the connection is poor or unstable, it doesn’t affect the quality of the recording. You get separate video and audio tracks of each guest after the session, all of them are recorded locally.

What Is the Highest Recorded Video Resolution?

The highest possible video resolution is 1440p (2K).

How Long Will My Recordings Be Stored?

Your recordings will be stored on our servers for 90 days.

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