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How Many People Can Record Together in a Session?

Free users can record with three participants – one host and two guest. Premium users can record with up to 5 participants – one host and four guests.

What is the Maximum Recording Session Duration?

Free users can record for up to 120 minutes.

One payment for Waveroom Premium grants you 120 minutes of recording, but if you need to record for more than that, you can purchase the Premium multiple times.

What Does “Local Recording” Mean?

It means that the session recording takes place on your computer instead of over the Internet. So, even if the connection is poor or unstable, it doesn’t affect the quality of the recording. You get separate video and audio tracks of each guest after the session, all of them are recorded locally.

What Is the Highest Recorded Video Resolution?

Currently, the highest resolution is 1080p, and we are already working on making 2K and 4K video recording possible. For up-to-date information on the latest changes and new features, visit our Changelog page.

Can I Use Waveroom for Unrecorded Online Meetings?

Yes, you can call without recording, but the duration of the call is limited to 30 minutes regardless of your plan.

The primary purpose of Waveroom is remote audio and video recording, and by purchasing Premium you are getting minutes for recording only, not for the call. The 30 minutes spent on an unrecorded call will not be deducted from your balance.

This is a temporary solution, we are considering implementing unrecorded calls with no time limit in the future.

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