How to Remove Background Noise from Podcasts, Interviews and More

Denoising or noise cancellation is crucial for recorded video and audio podcasts and interviews to ensure high-quality content. Background noise, such as air conditioning, traffic, or other environmental sounds, can distract listeners and reduce the overall production quality. Noise cancellation can also significantly improve the overall production quality, making the content more appealing to a wider audience.

Waveroom, a free remote recording studio, offers a noise cancellation feature that can be activated right after the recording session to eliminate background noise, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted sounds. The service uses LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner to utilize the power of artificial intelligence for superior noise cancellation. Follow the simple steps below to apply denoising to your recordings.

  1. Start recording your podcast, interview, or other content. Sign in to Waveroom, then click the Start Meeting > Record to start the recording session.
  2. Finish your recording. Click the Stop button and wait until the recordings are uploaded.
  3. Return to the recording room. Under the list of recordings, click the Remove Noise button. Denoising will be applied to all recordings in the room.
  4. Let the service work its magic. Waveroom will take a few moments to eliminate noise.
  5. Listen and download. Hover the cursor over the mic icon on the recording bar to turn the denoising on and off. Listen to how it sounds with and without background noise.

You can choose to download either denoised or original uncleaned tracks. In order to save the recordings without noise, make sure that the denoising is turned on for the track before clicking the download button.

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