How to Record Audio & Video Simultaneously

If you capture interviews or occasionally have guests on your podcast, you know how troublesome it might be to record a high-quality interview with someone who’s far away. Internet connection isn’t often reliable, and the quality of calls that video conferencing software provides often leaves much to be desired. Poor quality of sound and video might ruin even the best interview of a professional host. This is why the only way to record a remote interview properly is to do it through local recording or double-ender.

Local recording takes place on your and your guest’s computer instead of over the Internet. Thus, even if the Internet connection is unstable, it doesn’t ruin the quality of the interview. You get separate video and audio tracks of each guest after the interview, all of them are recorded locally.

To record a local double-ender interview remotely, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Waveroom account or create it if not yet by signing up.
  2. Press the Create Room button (+ icon in the top left corner).
  3. Set your Video, Audio, and Record preferences under the video preview in the Devices tab.
  4. Click the Start Test Record or choose Start Meeting to begin recording your interview.
  5. Invite up to four guests by copying the room’s link and sending it to your guests.
  6. Once you`ve finished the recording, press Stop Recording. Wait a few seconds before the recording is saved and tap X to leave the room. You will find all the recordings you`ve just made in this room.
  7. Press Remove Noise to eliminate unwanted sounds from your interview.
  8. Export tracks by pressing the downward arrow icon.

Remote Interview Recording: Guidelines for Guests

Before you start recording a remote interview, it’s wise to share the following tips with your guest(s).

  • Tell your guest to choose a quiet (preferably sound-proof) place before the recording. Ambient noise and echo might affect the recording quality.
  • Recommend your guest use headphones and a pop filter.
  • Make sure they speak clearly and at a consistent volume.

That’s it — now you know how to record a stunning interview, even if your guests are miles away!

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How to Record a Remote Interview

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