How to Record an Audiobook

Audiobooks have grown extremely popular in the last few years. Their ability to deliver engaging, educational, fictional, and insightful content in an alternative and a more handy way attracts millions of people — more than half of the adult population in the US alone have listened to an audiobook at least once in their lifetime. So, apart from creative expression, an audiobook can be a nice source of passive income. But how to record it?

Waveroom ensures your voice in an audiobook sounds flawless — it records audio at 48 kHz (uncompressed audio). Besides, local recording provides high-quality sound, even if there’s something wrong with your Internet connection, and multi-track recording allows you to save hours of daunting post-production.

Follow these steps to record an audiobook with Waveroom, an online recording studio made specifically for that.

  1. Log in or sign up to your Waveroom account.
  2. Select your microphone and headphones in the Devices tab under the video preview. Connect the best microphone you’ve got to your computer. It will help you get top-notch quality.
  3. Head over to the Record tab and disable video recording by toggling it off.
  4. (Optional) Enable additional features in the AI tab. Toggle on Remove Noise to cancel out extraneous sounds, Transcribe Speech to convert speech to text, and/or Create Summary to summarize what’s been said during the recording.
  5. Click the Start Test Record button to check how you’re going to sound, or go right to Start Meeting to start recording.
  6. Click the Record button when you’re ready to start recording an audiobook. If you need another narrator, you can invite them by copying the room’s URL and sending it to them.
  7. When you’re done, click the Stop button to end the meeting.
  8. Wait a few seconds while the meeting recording is being saved.
  9. Once you see the Upload Completed notification at the bottom right corner, click the X sign to leave the room.

After that, you will be taken to a page with a list of all recordings. Here, you can play and download them.

💡Tip: You can apply AI features to your recordings if you skipped this step before recording. At the bottom of the page, click Denoise to remove background noise from the audio, click Transcription to transcribe the audio to text, and/or click Summary to create an overview of the key points of your audiobook.

Now, you can edit the audiobook, add sound effects, and upload it to various platforms.

For more information on audiobook recording, editing, distribution, promotion, and even monetization check out our audiobook ultimate guide.

Audiobook Recording

How to Record an Audiobook

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