How to Add Others to a Recorded Video Meeting

In Waveroom, you can invite multiple people to participate in your video meeting, conference, interview or podcast. It’s an easy and quick process, no information about the guests (such as email addresses) is required. Follow the steps below to start adding participants to your video recording room.

  1. Click the Create a Room button.
  2. Enter the name of your room at the top of the page.
  3. Set your Video, Audio and Record preferences under the video preview.
  4. Find the invitation form located to the right of the meeting settings. The automatically generated invite link is already there.
  5. Click the copy icon next to the invite link.
  6. Send the link to the people you want to invite.
  7. Click the Start Now button to open your room. Everyone who followed your invite link will appear as a participant.
  8. Click the Start Recording button to begin the session. New people may join your recording room even when the recording session is in progress.

That’s it, enjoy group chatting in Waveroom! High-quality video and audio recordings of each participant will be available for listening and downloading after the end of your meeting.

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