How Waveroom Multi-User Video Recording Works

Waveroom offers a robust multi-user recording feature that allows the host to control and optimize the recording experience for all participants. Below is a detailed overview of how it works.

Audio Recording

By default, Waveroom records audio at the highest quality possible for each participant, ensuring the best possible sound quality in the final recording. The host cannot control the audio quality settings.

Video Recording

The host has two options when it comes to setting the video recording quality and resolution:

  • Highest Device Capability

    When this mode is selected, Waveroom automatically records the video for each participant at the highest quality their device is capable of. This ensures that the recording captures the best possible video from each participant without any manual configuration required.
  • Limited Quality Mode

    In this mode, the host manually sets the video recording settings for all participants. In case a participant’s device does not meet the specified settings, the video track for that participant will be recorded at a lower quality.

    For example, if the host sets the resolution to 1080p, but a participant’s camera only supports a maximum of 720p, the video track for that participant will be recorded at 720p or lower.

    This mode gives the host more control over the overall video quality of the recording but requires them to consider the capabilities of each participant’s device.

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How Waveroom Multi-User Video Recording Works

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