How to Record a High-Quality Remote Video

Video meetings and calls are one of the most popular ways to communicate over long distances. Waveroom, a free meeting recorder, grants you the ability to talk to your friends, family, colleagues, interviewees and customers remotely and get high-quality recordings of all participants. Follow the steps below to start a recording session.

  1. Log in to your Waveroom account.
  2. Select your camera, microphone, and headphones in the Devices tab under the video preview.
  3. Select the video recording mode in the Record tab. By default, the Highest Device Capability mode is on. When it’s enabled, video is captured in the highest quality your device is capable of.

    If you want to record in a specific video resolution, enable the Limited Quality Mode. Click the arrow button next to the Highest Device Capability mode, then click the dot next to the Limited Quality mode and select the quality and resolution in the drop-down list.

    Note: If you’re recording a group video, the video recording modes also apply to other participants. Learn more about the modes here. Audio is always recorded in the highest possible quality.
  4. (Optional) Enable additional features in the AI tab. Toggle on Remove Noise to cancel out extraneous sounds, Transcribe Speech to convert speech to text, and/or Create Summary to summarize what’s been said during the recording.

    💡Tip: You can test the recording quality and correct connection of the selected devices by clicking the Start Test Record button. If you want to rename the room, click the name and select the Rename Room button.
  5. Copy the invite link. You can either copy it directly from your browser`s address bar or click the room name and select the Copy Meeting Link option in the drop-down menu.
  6. Send the link to people you want to join your recording.
  7. Click the Start Meeting button to open your recording room.
  8. Click the Record button when you’re ready to begin the session.
  9. When you’re done, click the Stop button to end the meeting.

Wait a few seconds while the meeting recording is saving. Once you see the Upload Completed notification at the bottom right corner, click the X sign to leave the meeting.

After that you will see a list of video and audio recordings of each of the meeting’s participants. In the room, you can play and download the recordings.

Here you can also apply AI features if you skipped this step before recording. At the bottom of the page, click Denoise to remove background noise from the audio, click Transcription to transcribe the audio to text, and/or click Summary to create an overview of the key points of your meeting.

That’s it! The recordings are saved in the quality and resolution you’ve set before the meeting. Edit, share, watch and listen to them any time you want.

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